SJWs: Listen Up Asshats


Many of us liberals are misguided by a sense of ‘feel good’ hippie bullshit instilled by the remnants of a failed movement. Did you ever think about why that movement failed? It’s because they were too weak and too focused on free love and free drugs to be able to do it. Sorry – that’s the truth. I’m going to tell a whole bunch of truth here. Many of you are not going to like it.

A lot of my good friends are Libertarians? Why is that? I totally disagree with the foundations of their economic policies. Now I’m not ACTUALLY a Marxist (yes you dumb fucks there is a difference between Marxism and Communism and Socialism and Democratic Socialism) – but the Hammer and Sickle emoji is always on my recent list.

But I’m not as irritated with the morons that are voting for Trump as I am at you, the sarcastically named “Social Justice Warrior.” You know that they say that sarcastically right? You guy who searches on Twitter for offensive things and then tweets something back about how offensive it is. You the person that makes a big dog and pony show about an incident of racism in some city that’s not yours. YOUR behavior is what fills me with the rage of 1000 burning suns.


Why? Because many of you spend more fucking time dicking around on the internet to find some words to get upset about than you do get out of your basement and DO something productive about the problem. In the book of Lebowski 11:56-57 says:

“You’re not wrong, Walter, just an asshole.”

/me bows head (So speaketh the Dude. His name be praised.)

I loathe you SJW. You annoy everyone and for what? What’s the point? I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve learned over the years. Words are not a cause; they are a fucking effect. Words don’t change culture; culture changes words. I used to say “Faggot” and “Retarded” all the time as a kid. Did I say them because I was a bigot? No. I said them because I was an idiot. And what happens when you call an idiot an idiot? Even indirectly? Even if they’re not an idiot? They hate you.

Good work SJW’s. You’re obsession with saying nice words is making everyone hate the principles of Liberalism. This is particularly unfortunate because they are the very people that need your help. So they turn to someone that says “I’M ANGRY ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS RAWR!!!”. He makes them feel like their anger is justified. I know I don’t talk down to you but I will because I’m kind of a dick. JUST FUCKING GO OUT AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There is an Internet brimming with  opportunities. Stop fixating on your safe spaces and get off your ass and do something. Meaningful. And quickly. It will feel good I promise. And if any Trumpsters give you shit convince them THIS is actually a good idea instead of trusting some Billionaire asshole who matches their rhetoric:

I know the truth is hard, and it hurts. I just really care about you guys and I care about this country. Let’s make America Great (for everyone), For the First Time.


Tucker Brennan

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