How do I help OG VHS?

I’ve had a few people asking how they can help the effort here at Creative Discomfort Productions.  The biggest thing that we need now is tapes/DVDs of tapes.  We are primarily looking for:

1. TV with Original Commercials (nothing 2000 or later) Specifically:

  • TGIF – I’m trying to collect every TGIF including commercials and bumpers
  • Saturday Mornings – any network any era
  • James Brown Future Shock (Tucker’s favorite show) – I only have 4 episodes.  Someone HAS to have this
  • Anything 1979 and earlier especially with commercials
  • MTV Blocks (pre 2000)

2. Out of Print DVD Box Sets

3. Old Film Equipment – for digitization of reels (I currently have a pile of 16mm that we cannot access)

4. Old Educational Films – any format – any content.  The weirder – the better

5. Cell Phones/Web Cams/Digital cameras

Depending If you have we may be able to work out financial compensation for shipping.  Emaiil us at

Tucker Brennan

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