Too many Vines – Where do I start? An OG VHS Primer.

All right – so I’ve been doing this for about 9 months and I have over 2000 Vines.  Even typing that makes me feel pretty crazy.  Anyway – I thought it MIGHT be helpful to list some of the ways to help make sense of all of the hashtags that I’ve used with a brief explanation of what they are.


#TCKRSPFVRTYS These are my top tier favorites.  Whenever anyone asks to see stuff this is normally where I send them.  Note that I do also tag other people’s posts in all of these

#tckrhppy – These are vines that make me smile every time I look at them (minimum 10 views)

#tckrspfvrtOne level down from above.  Often if I can’t decide if a vine should be a #TCKRSPFVRTYS  I’ll leave it here and go back through them later

#tckrfvrt – Level 1 Favorites.  These are vines that I like.


#Looneychron – So I have been watching the Looney Tunes shorts in order.  For more info check here:

#Lidsville – I love this show for some reason. For more info:

#OGPriceIsRight – Who doesn’t love them some Barker?

#OGTGIF – I grew up on this shit.  TGIF 4 Life

#OGMTV – I still want my MTV

#OGFamilyMatters – So much Urkel.  So little Fast Eddie.

#OGFullHouse – This is where the whole journey started for me

#OGSNL – Saturday Night Live

#bozoscircus – You down to clown?

#DriveInTime – Drive In Intermission Moments

#JamesBrownFutureShock – Sadly I’m out of these (I’ve even tried to reach out to get new copies).  If you have a lead on where I can get some I will be unendingly grateful.


#crackthevault – This is the tag I use when I’m taking requests!

#etandfriends – A very ……..special……………special

Tucker Brennan

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