#LooneyChron and Race – WARNING – Article will contain images not suited for Minors

So when I began my journey with #LooneyChron I had seen some of the “Banned” videos on YouTube – and assumed that they were just one-off episodes that were written during a bygone era.  I had NO idea how deeply rooted the racial, economic, gender, and cultural stereotyping would be.  For the purposes of brevity – I’ll just focus on the stereotypes of the people of color even though no one is safe

On the first day I set up a guideline for myself – “Don’t post anything that you think that a racist person would use for their own amusement”.  The earliest characterizations were unbelievable.  Men with deep southern accents.  Lazy.  Eating watermelon and chicken.  It was pretty horrifying.

A little bit of background for those that aren’t aware.  The first Looney Tunes character  was Bosko.  He was basically a Minstrel Show Style  Blackface character.  In the first short he even had the stereotypical voice of the time.

The Looney Tunes creators had th

e good sense to Mickey-ize his voice for the next episode (thank god – I’m not sure how much more of that I could take).  He continued to play on racial stereotypes, subtly.  That subtlety would not last long…..

Since I decided to not do forward looking research to preserve the purity of the effort I assumed that this would eventually end.  I was aware of the Censored 11 movies that Warner pulled in 1968 (YES THEY WERE IN CIRCULATION UNTIL 19 FUCKING 68). These are a series of videos that were deemed so offensive – that there was no story if you ripped out the offensive bits.  As a kid I didn’t remember seeing these offensive racial stereotypes in every cartoon.  Little did I know that it was only going to get worse from there.

The 2 most common stereotypes I’m seeing for people of color are:

1. The African Savage:

I was surprised to see SOO much of this.  I assumed that there would be one or two shorts with this trope but it is clearly a popular one amongst the writers of the shorts.  Common themes with these characters are:

  1. Tribal Paint
  2. Dancing
  3. Nose/Ear/Neck Rings
  4. Very Violent
  5. Subservient to Whites
  6. Easily Fooled

2. The Lazy Southern Man

This stereotype doesn’t happen quite as freqently as the Savage trope – but it is equally as troubling.  This stereotype depicts a person of color with a southern drawl who (I can’t make this up) shoots craps, loves watermelon, and steals chickens.  I have no words

If you have found this page because you were morbidly curious – I get that.  When I was young I watched a lot of banned cartoons.  It was fun!  Bugs in Blackface!?  I have even posted vines like this in the past.  Then something happened and I changed the way I looked at all of this. #Ferguson

I was following the investigation very closely.  I was very vocal about my feelings regarding there not being an indictment of Officer Wilson.  I want to be crystal clear about this.  I do not know that he should be convicted.  It is my personal belief that at the very least the family of Michael Brown deserved a trial.  Whether he was convicted or not would be up to the jury.

That’s not the point here though.  What became evident to me was that racism was MUCH more alive and well then I had realized.  We all know about the trolling that happens using racially/ethnically/religiously insensitive language.  We all know that you can’t play call of duty with a headset on without hearing this language.  What I didn’t realize was that people that I KNOW and care about have deep rooted racist ideals – even if they are passively and unconsciously racist.

If I ever post anything that you think is offensive please email me (ogvhs@tuckersavage.com) – and let me know. I take this stuff very very seriously.

After this realization I decided that I wasn’t going to contribute any content on my channel that I feel like crosses the line to “Racists will enjoy this” territory”.  However seeing these videos has helped me understand where those discriminatory racist ideas came from.

Thanks for listening to the Rant – Now that the business is over – back to the FUNNNNNNNNNNN!

Tucker Brennan

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