How I Vine

I got a good question today about the process I use to make Vines. Here’s a high level overview:


VHS to DVD – Funai (I also do have a secondary VCR for watching tapes while I rip)


Vine Client – This tool uploads videos directly to your Vine account (Without the little hiccup of the mobile app


Handbrake – My favorite encoding software (IT’S FREE!)


Adobe Premiere – Video
Adobe Audition – Audio

Settings! How much fun!

Handbrake – Only one change from Default:


A link to the settings for Import in Handbrake

Video Export after Editing:


I don’t ever mess with the audio settings as they’ve served just fine.

See the process here:

If this helps you or I’m doing something super Stupid let me know at @tuckersavage!  Happy fucking Friday!

Tucker Brennan

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