#LooneyChron – An adventure in Animation History!

So I’ve always been a huge Looney Tunes fan.  As a kid in the 90’s Nick would play the original Looney Tunes shorts all the time.  It has a very special place in my heart.
Over the years I’ve been collecting the highest quality copies of these videos that I can find.  Blu Ray, DVD, Digital.  There is no definitive collection of the best copies.  Being a completist I decided one day that I’ll go through and watch them all….. in chronological order.  At the time of this post I am currently up to 128.  At this pace the 1000+ shorts should take me about a year to two to finish (if I can keep up this breakneck speed 😉 )

As far as Vine popularity is concerned #LooneyChron is not the most popular.  The 90’s stuff is definitely way more en vogue right now.  This is – however the thing that I really love the most.  These shorts are so spectacular.  Funny as hell at times, really touching and beautiful at other times.

My hope with this is to try to introduce this amazingly broad and interesting history to those who come across my feed through other projects.  I hope you enjoy!

Tucker Brennan

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