#Lidsville – You don’t even need drugs to enjoy this show!

OK.  So I didn’t know about #Lidsville until about 3 months ago when I procured some tapes of the old Family channel.  Like most things I stumble across in my collecting I found it because I was looking for 90’s commercials.  Well lets just say it was love at first sight.

I think the copy writer at The Family Channel summed it up best “It’s a world where humans are Hats and the normal is not”.  This show is so fucking weird that I can’t help but love it.

So here is the premise.  Mark (Butch Patrick of Munsters fame) goes to a magic show.  He’s so captivated by the magicians hat that he sneaks backstage to try to figure out the secret of his magic.  Well that hat began to grow (and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow AND GROWWWWWWWWWW).  Mark is a moron and falls into the giant hat.  This teleports him into Lidsville.

So that in itself would be weird enough right?  Lots of hats running around getting into weird shenanigans.  But no.  There’s a Genie name Weenie who is controlled because Mark was able to steal the magic ring that controls her (his???) ownership.  Then for the icing on the #Lidsville cake we have the evil magicin HooDoo who is played by none other than the Hollywood Squares hero himself – Charles Nelson Reilly.

I’m trying to take my time watching Lidsville as I don’t want to burn it out too quickly.  And also I’m sure I could go back and get a whole second series of Vines out of it if I did.  Do yourself a favor and go find this show.  It’s fucking amazing.

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